Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Word Count Wednesday - 1 August 2018

Whoops, missed a week. Anyway, not much to report on the writing end, due to some events that occurred. Read for leisure a lot more than I have in a long while, too.

Things I worked on since the last update:
  • "Mirror" chapter 14: 183 (finished at 1033 words)
  • "Magic" chapter 1: 1078
  • "Magic" chapter 2: 654
Total word count: 1915 words

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Word Count Wednesday - 18 June 2018

Wow, it's been almost a year since I've written one of these. I think it's a good time to start again.

Things I worked on last week (and for clarity's sake, I'm labelling the ones I've been tinkering with):
  • "Mirror" Chapter 14: 764
  • "Mirror" Chapter 13: 1890 (completed)
  • "Magic" Chapter 1: 850
  • "Death series pt. 3" Chapter 1 and 2: 6025
  • She Ruled the Darkness: planning stages
Total word count: 9529 words

Monday, June 25, 2018


at night it claws cold fingers
into the beat of my chest
whispers soothing poison
burning in dying veins

ghosts of shameful secrets
waltz to the beat of music
lingering wait to prey
a soul of sorrow yearning

torrent of chaos confounding
a mind lost in dissonance
darkened and passing
fading to the void

at night shameful secrets
whisper beats in my chest
darkened in dying veins
a soul fading

ghosts claw cold fingers
passing poison preying
burning and lingering
a lost mind waltzing

at night my shameful secrets
whisper in my dying sorrow
mindful of it preying
coldness into my soul

at night sorrow whispers
shame and chaos
losing my poisoned mind
and my darkened heart
to the void

I'm not really much into writing poetry, but I was in a bit of a mood and decided to just jot down words and phrases that popped into my head that resonated with me in some way, mix it all together, and then call it done. While going into this in a not-serious attitude and experiment and tinker around, I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this one.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

In Between

Many times, I feel as if I'm between two cultures.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who experiences this.

Being born and raised in America by two parents who were born and raised in the Philippines is something that I appreciate and despise. I don't mean any of that in a political or socioeconomic sense, or anything else of that nature. (I tend to keep my own opinions of such things to myself.) I do mean that it feels like both a blessing and a curse when I'm trying to figure out who I am as a person.

Monday, June 4, 2018

A Weight Lifted

I did it. I actually did it.

I can’t believe how free I feel.

The advisement I had at CSUN made me realize where my motivations were. I already knew that being a radiologic technologist wasn’t my ultimate desire. I told my parents that I didn’t have a desire to pursue my bachelor’s at CSUN. There was too much money, too much time that I felt I couldn’t balance.

And despite how free I feel… I have no words.

Doubt’s telling me that I’ve made a mistake. That I’m throwing away security of my future for something that I should have no hand in. That the path my heart is pulling me towards is something that will bring me to ruin and failure.

But doubt was there when I was still following a plan I had no passion in. At least, not the amount of passion that such a condensed and rigorous course required.

This time, I finally heard my mother say it.

“I’m waiting for your book, Jodee.”

Now that is a challenge I’m willing to take.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Starting to Start

I’ve been attending community college for five years. There are days that voice in my head telling me that, if there was opportunity for me somewhere, I’ve missed it years ago. Whether or not it’s considered conceited of me to have thoughts that if I haven’t made it into an Ivy League college on a full scholarship, finishing in four years, and having my life figured out by the age of twenty-two...

Well, despite the consensus on that, my annoying sense of ambition also has to deal with my annoying sense of doubt as well. It doesn’t help that I’m now past the age of twenty-two and doubt likes to tell me that if I hadn’t “made it” now, I won’t “make it” ever.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Redenbacher's Revenge Scene 1 (A.K.A. the Play I Regret Writing For A Project)

During the Fall semester of 2017, I attended an English 101B class. One of the assignments was to write a play based on a given segment of the Greek play "Electra," but change the setting (film noire, pirates, mafia movie, etc). We were to work in a group.

The time crunch was horrible since my group was the first to present. Even worse was that I was the one to volunteer to write the dumb thing. I've written in screenplay format before. Stage play? Never did it, and I'm 100% sure I did things wrong, but the professor didn't care so much about format as long as it was readable and stayed consistent throughout the script.

I was pleased to see that people enjoyed the bizarre humor of my group (since they were the ones to give me suggestions of what to write in our play). All that stress and frustration of having so few rehearsal days due to schedule conflicts paid off on the day it mattered most, at least.

For some context, this play is based off of the segment in "Electra" where the Tutor goes to deliver the news of Electra's brother, Orestes, and his "death" up until Chrysothemis (Electra's sister) and Electra discuss their further plans about what to do now that their hope in their brother is gone.

What the group wanted: Set it in the Wild West, include aliens, Orville Redenbacher because popcorn is awesome, dumb instrument playing, and really cheesy accents. Jokes were a collaboration between the whole group so I can't claim everything humorous to be completely of my own doing.

This is scene 1 of 4 (the rest will come at a later date):