Monthly Showcase - January 2017

So I've decided that, for future posterity (and for my own reasons), I would create a post at the end of each month to compile every work I've done for that month with some personal reflection about them and a bit of an explanation of how they came to be (with handy links to the work for convenience). Or, in the event that I don't post any original work for the month, a reason why I didn't have anything to post. It will also likely include one of my other interests that I may feel like sharing. This compilation will exclude any journals or personal rants, or anything else of that nature.

So, onward!

The Dog Who Pooped Like a Cat:
I actually had three ideas for my children's picture book experiment: one that involved a bad-smelling flower that mimicked a little girl's nasty attitude, one that involved some weird Filipino superstition about getting lost in the woods because of dwarfs and inside-out shirts, and one that was based around a dog and a litter box.

As you can see, I chose the third option. Not because I thought it was a fun idea, but because it was one that I could easily write a beginning, middle, and end. In other words, it was the easy-to-develop idea that was perfect for the short amount of time I had. I don't like it, particularly, but it is what it is, eh?

Surprisingly enough, the dog in that story did exist at some point. I used to have a dog named Lucky, and he pooped in a litter box. Yes, you read that correctly. Everything else is just fictional. Especially the friends part. Lucky had no friends.

The Island of Sülkoras:
For a while now, I've had this inkling of an idea of a place where it felt like it was constantly affected by two forces, and that these were given physical form in some way. Like the effects of the sun and the moon, the living and the dead, the old and the new, the young and the experienced. While it's not an exact creation of what it was originally, the island still retains a bit of the idea of the duality of life and its delicate balance. Now, I write this making it sound like there's going to be some amazing story to tell being set in a place like this... But you know what they say about good intentions and pavement – if I got the saying right, of course.

This island is filled with words that I made up being composed of the "language" I created. It has some basis on how Esperanto words are formed (base + root/roots, no exceptions), and is even why the letter "j" sounds closer in pronunciation to the letter "y" in English. Of course, when it comes to actual names, like city names and people, it's just random mumbling sounds that I think sounds like a name. Or just me trying to re-say English words by butchering them to near-unfamiliarity. Like "Avamir" is butchering the word "admire", and "Gavallande" is butchering the word "galavant."

Chapter 1 Prototype - "Cold Hospitality:"
So this is my first real foray into writing a story set in the world that Sülkoras exists in. It was written rather hastily and with little planning, its main purposes was to fulfill the experiment requirement and for me to get a feel for how I want the story told. I accomplished the former, at least. The latter? Well, I'm still deciding. Decision-making was never my strongest trait.

In Medias Res Experiment - "Dead End:"
Because this one was written so off-the-cuff (it was the product of less than an hour of typing), I had to fall back to what I felt was a bit more familiar with me when it comes to writing, which is writing about fear. I'd rather have any other emotion that was easier for me to write about; but as it is in life, sometimes you just have to work with what you got.

This was the most frustrating to write out of all the works I've posted so far on this blog this month. I am not a poet by any means, and there are quite a few attempts that I've made at trying to write a poem. Any kind of poem. While I have quite a lot to say about my other attempts at creating poetry, this one in particular is a bit... meh. At least some people will have fun with looking up what an "oubliette" is, right?


  1. Look at what a productive month you've had! Well done. And I'm very interested to see where you'll go with your Sulkoras book.


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