The Dog Who Pooped Like A Cat

This is the story of a dog named Lucky.

Lucky was a lucky dog. He had a whole backyard to himself. He chased all the squirrels and birds he wanted. His owners gave him treats a lot because Lucky was a good dog.

He liked to play. He liked to sleep. He liked to eat. His owners liked to put sweaters on him when it got cold outside, but he didn't like to wear those. He did like to get those sweaters messy however. Lucky was a lot like other dogs.

There was one thing silly about Lucky: he liked to poop in a litter box.

A litter box? Yes, a litter box! If you asked Lucky, he would say that it was cleaner than pooping anywhere he wanted in the yard.

Because of this, he had more room to play instead of stepping on all his mess.

The other dogs didn't seem to like this.

"Lucky, why do you like pooping in a litter box?" one of his dog friends asked. "That's what cats do, and we don't like cats!"

"It is cleaner!" Lucky explained. "And I have the whole backyard to run around in instead of jumping over my mess."

"But it is weird," another friend said. "I don't think the cats would like this."

And that friend was right.

Lucky was visited by a group of neighbor cats one day when they heard there was a dog that liked to poop in a litter box. They wanted to see if this was true.

"Lucky," the leader of the neighborhood cats said. "Do you want to be a cat?"

"No, I'm happy being a dog," Lucky replied. "And as a dog, I don't like cats."

"Good, because you'll never be good enough to be a cat!" the mean cat said.

The group of cats left him alone, laughing at the weird dog and his litter box.

Because of the dogs' and cats' hurtful words, Lucky was sad. Was he weird? He was like the other dogs, and he thought he was normal.

The only thing different about him was that he pooped like a cat. So Lucky decided to try pooping like a dog.

He left his mess all over his yard, but Lucky found that this made him miserable. He had to watch where his paws landed when he ran. He had to find a spot where he didn't leave a mess.

It was different than he was used to, and he didn't like it.

He looked to his owners, and they didn't like it too.

Instead of his owners stooping down once to clean up his litter box, they had to do it many times because his mess was everywhere.

Because of this, their backs started hurting, and didn't like cleaning up after him anymore. Not only was Lucky sad about pooping like a normal dog, but his owners were, too!

"My owners are hurting because I don't poop in my litter box anymore," Lucky said to himself. "The other dogs call me weird, and the cats make fun of me. But they don't see that pooping like a cat makes life easier for my family and it makes me happy."

And so, Lucky returned to pooping like a cat. He was happy, and his owners were happy.

An idea for a children's book, and the best I could come up with is one about pooping. If this isn't indicative of how my creativity will fare in my creative writing class, well... I just hope I don't resort to more stories of defecation.


  1. Hey, there are plenty of successful children's books about poop!

    Thanks for being the very first student to post a kid's story on her blog. You're off to a great start.


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