The Island of Sülkoras

Gaze upon my horrid drawing skills.
It also strangely resembles something familiar, but I can't quite recall what the shape reminds me of.
Because it would probably take forever to put in all the detail I thought up for this island I brain-vomited into existence, here are some notable features of the island and labeled areas:

The Island of Sülkoras:
  • Name means "the power of fate" in my weird, made-up language
  • Cut into two by a mountain range (as depicted by map)
  • Part of an island chain, but is the largest and only one inhabited by people
  • A large portion of the island is uninhabitable ("the blight of Lojin")
  • Strong, unpredictable currents surround the island, making it unsafe for boats to land (except in the Bay of Sülas)

Now, for the natural landmarks:

The Bay of Sülas:
  • Name means "fate/destiny" in my weird, made-up language
  • Only place along the coasts where boats can land from and leave to the mainland
  • Outcropping of four rocks in the water that align with the sun to the first of each season
  • Home to the capital and largest city in the kingdom of Avamir, as well as the island in general

The Stellases River:
  • Name means "the stars" in my weird, made-up language
  • Flows from the mountain range of the same name
  • Main source of drinking water for the island's inhabitants, so people are often found living alongside it
  • Land around it filled with farmland and fishing villages and is very green
  • Connection between city of Gavallande and Avamir
  • Filled with boats for transport of goods and people between the two cities
  • Has many branches into streams, also surrounded by farmland

Marshes of Koras:
  • Name means "power" in my weird, made-up language
  • About 25%-30% of the entire island consists of the marshes
  • The percentage increases during a full or new moon
  • Filled with wildlife
  • Unpopulated with people, but a section of it is where hunters like to hunt
  • Smells like rotten eggs (you can look up why by searching salt marshes on Google)

  • Also known as "the blight"
  • Name means "ours/together" in my weird, made-up language
  • Filled with ruins since people used to live here
  • land is unsuitable for living or agriculture
  • Many dead plants and foliage, while other places are long stretches of salt-saturated soil

Next, a bit about the civilization of the island:

The Kingdom of Avamir:
  • Mainly filled with fishing villages and farmland, though the exception is the city of Avamir (its capital) which is heavily focused on trade and commerce with the mainland.
  • Real-world time setting reference would be closest to mid to late 1800s in terms of technology, but not quite. (This world the island is found on doesn't exist, remember?)
  • Covers the land to the west of the mountains, as well as a few villages in the mountains themselves
  • Temperate climate flips between the land away from the mountains and up the mountains themselves: hot and humid during the summer in the city of Avamir, temperate and pleasant up in Gavallande; breezy and temperate during the winter in Avamir, cold and harsh in Gavallande (for an example).

City of Avamir
  • The Stellases River cuts into the heart of the city, though this portion is undrinkable due to the amount of people who live nearby and toss refuse into it.
  • Largest city on the island
  • Spans around the whole crescent of land around the bay
  • Many small docks for ships in the city
  • Trade schools, colleges, law buildings, etc.

Town of Gavallande
  • Outside of the city of Avamir and its surrounding towns, one of the only places with a considerable amount of citizens.
  • Nestled in a valley in the mountains
  • Near a large lake that signals the start of the Stellases River.
  • Almost a miniaturized version of Avamir with its docks and how its buildings surround the body of water
  • Instead of trade, emphasis more on fishing
  • Population shifts greatly as the seasons change, especially for newcomers to the island not expecting winters to be difficult
Wasn't sure if I was supposed to compose this as paragraphs describing the places on the map instead of a list, but I got lazy and I was pretty sure I wouldn't have time to finish this by next class meeting if I were to do so.

(P.S. I know this whole island sounds super cheesy and cliché in places. Oh well.)


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