Wednesday "Progress Report" - 25 January 2017

As a blogging requirement of the Creative Writing class, one post of the following is required every Wednesday. Knowing how I am, I love answering questions about my progress on my writing (or the lack thereof), so of course I'm doing this ASAP.

What am I working on?

For my Creative Writing class, I’m trying to work on the poems that are due near the end of the semester, but those are going as well as expected: terribly. Instead, I’ve been preoccupying my time just fiddling around with my blog and typing just for the sake of typing with the intention of posting them. Maybe. I’m still trying to get over the shyness I have over sharing any kind of work I do creatively. The “journaling” part of the blog, I have no issue with.

As for my personal projects, I’m working on the sequel to a “book” I have written that’s the closest to a retelling of the myth of the Grim Reaper, in my own setting and twist and... Okay, so I have no idea what to categorize it as, but it's the longest work I've ever created at a little over 100,000 words. However, it is terrible, and that’s okay because it’s online for the whole world to see it. I’m just an anonymous person on the site it's on. No one needs to know it's me.

Unless you're one of those people who knows how to connect the dots, then I guess my secret identity has been revealed. If you ever find it, it's bad. You know it's bad.

I’m also trying to work on getting a story put together that’s set in the place I’ve depicted in my world-building map thing I posted earlier (found here). So far, I’ve gotten a very intriguing suggestion from one of my fellow writing classmates, and I’m seeing how I can explore the idea. It’s definitely in a brainstorming state right now.

How do I feel about the process?

For the things I’m doing for my class, I’m pretty pleased at how easily I can come up with something in such a short amount of time and with very little planning.

Okay, so that’s a bit of a lie, since I didn’t do the songwriting experiment, and the map-making one I’ve had floating in my head for a long time. But the fact that these never made their debut in the world outside of my own thoughts in a coherent (or somewhat coherent) structure for everyone else to see is something I never thought myself capable of before.

For the personal projects, that’s where I have more of my struggles. I constantly doubt my creativity as a writer, and when it comes to the longer projects I fear imperfection. Short stories are simpler for me to edit since they are, well, short. If there’s issue, I don’t have to go all the way back to find and fix something that I realized is too cheesy, or needs a plot hole filled, and whatnot. For the longer works, I know there will be mistakes, but the only way for me to catch a good portion of them is to have someone else read them. And I’m in a constant state of asking myself “Would anyone want to read what I’ve written?”

What am I reading now?

Aside from the many online articles on how to use punctuation marks (since I constantly forget), I haven’t done as much reading as I should have.

However, I do have a list of things I’ve made some progress in:

Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, since I neglected reading it when it was assigned in high school. I think it’s an amazing and beautiful story so far. But a super long read (in my opinion), and I sadly don't find enough time to read it.

I’m constantly rereading my Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales anthology, so I guess that’s also on my list. Don't read any of his stories unless you want some popular Disney movies ruined for you. (I'm looking at you The Little Mermaid and Frozen. The latter one especially.)

Then there’s the book that my church’s college-age youth is going over together called The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson. It’s actually the book that gave me the oomph to enroll in the Creative Writing class, believe it or not. If you're a Christian (as I am, though I'm a bit afraid to say that I am in this day and age) I highly suggest reading it.


  1. LesMis is one of those books I should have read by now. But I've listened to the musical so many times I know I'll just be humming showtunes while I read the novel. And nobody wants that.

    Your Grim Reaper epic novel sounds cool Did you post it online all at once? Or chapter by chapter? Did it attract any readers? How was your experience with sharing things online?

    1. *cough cough* Ahem, uh, yeah, I definitely didn't do that when reading Les Mis. Not this girl. Nope. She also didn't try to sing both Valjean's and Javert's parts at the same time for their "Confrontation" duet one time.

      As for the Grim Reaper story, I posted it chapter by chapter since it wasn't very well planned out (definitely a "pantser" plot). It attracted some readers, but not an overwhelming amount since the purpose of posting it there was due to the fact that I knew people would likely not run into it accidentally. Despite knowing the tiny audience, it did help me overcome my fear of putting things out in public, though under a pseudonym instead of my actual name.


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