Beware the Gilded Light

My creativity seems to be centered around lights lately. Oh well. Work with what you got is what I always say. (And for those really bored or like hidden messages, there's definitely one embedded into this post.)

[hover here for spoiler]

beware the gilded light that shines
on shadows in the day

its glow is seen as priceless
but has nothing in its rays
You know
You know

its dreams and hopes at first will sound
like music to your ears

whispers bathed in auric brightness,
they may calm all your fears
it hurts
it helps

when life gets hard, and it gets rough,
and you left it to chance

the light will shine on nothing
if nothing's beneath your stance
to be naïve
to be optimistic

so take care where it will take you
along your dreamlike way

that gilded light may not be right—
it may lead you astray


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