Monthly Showcase - February 2017

Well, it looks like it's the last day of the month. Thank goodness I remembered before March 1st came around, or else it would annoy me forever to see this post on the wrong date.

So, let's get this thing started:

Rhoda's Ice Cream Parlor:
Very first thing I posted this month was the Magical Realism story experiment for my Creative Writing class. It was a fun, short little thing to write, and I couldn't help but laugh at the name that popped up in my head to name this talking car. Rhoda. Road-a. Get it?

I have to stop hanging around my brother. It's like every time he breathes there's a pun somewhere.

Chapter 1 of the book I don't have a title for yet:
Long title for the post, but that's what you get when you can't come up with titles. It's essentially an extended version of this post and it was intended to be my first narrative turn-in for my "writing house."

Now, given the feedback of my peers and professor, I'm starting to think of revamping the whole chapter. Mainly the question, "Why start at this moment?" kinda made me think about my choice to make this chapter one instead of any other place. To be honest, I didn't think about it that much beforehand, and it left be a bit stuck on how to continue on with the story now that there's completely limited information about my main character and his own past. The ambiguity was intended, but to the point where if I were to reveal everything in the next chapter to reduce confusion, I felt like the readers might feel a bit cheated.

Lesson number one: when it comes to me and novel-writing, try to have at least a faint outline of how the story is going to go. Deciding on the beginning will be easier if I planned how the middle and end will play out in a bit more detail.

That Red Light:
Unlike the other posts, this one had no prompting for it's creation with any ties to my Creative Writing class. I just remember going home from school late at night, driving, and these ugly thoughts popping in my head. And then I remember the counter-thoughts I kept having to combat those. "It's so easy just to run that red light while everyone else is making a protected left turn, Jodee" versus "You don't think like that anymore, you've changed, you've come so far." It also came at a moment where I was struggling with writing practically anything, so I decided to just run with whatever this internal thing was going on and write a short piece to express it.

I also listed it as "uncategorized" because I can't decide if it was a poem or if it's prose or if it's some hybrid. I just might label it as a poem and call it a day.

Beware the Gilded Light:
In along the same vein, this one wasn't prompted in creation by my class. It was just the middle of the night, I was about to go to sleep, and then this sentence floated around in my head: "Beware the golden light that shines on shadows in the day." Then I thought to myself, "Hey, sounds like the beginning to some kind of poem. But what does this line even mean?" So I stood up all night trying to write it, finding some way to explain it through verse instead of structureless prose.

It ended up being something along the lines of false pretenses. Changed "golden" to "gilded" because something that's gilded is often gold on the outside but something completely different on the inside. And there ya go, second poem ever created by yours truly. Er, third, if you consider the other light-titled thing to be a poem.


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