Rhoda's Ice Cream Parlor

Quick background on this post. Given the prompt "ice cream parlor" and "a talking car wants to be a psychologist," I was instructed to create a fable or a magical realism story out of it. To be honest, I couldn't stop giggling like a four-year old as I was writing this. Now, given the weirdness of my prompt, here's my (very brief) attempt:

"Rhoda's Ice Cream Parlor," the flashy billboard sign along the side of the road said. "The best ice cream and advice you can get within a fifty mile radius!"

It was the perfect place for people to cast their woes away, for Rhoda was the best ice-cream maker in town and always had the knowledge, wisdom, and heart to treat anyone and everyone who came through her ice cream parlor doors.

Men who lost their jobs, women who grieved a lost lover, automobiles that broke down from all the wear and tear; the world-weary folk found a simple solace in this ice-cream shop. Anyone who's upset needs a little ice cream once in a while, right? And the art of making ice-cream from scratch was almost lost to the world if it wasn't for places like Rhoda's.

However, Rhoda herself wasn't without any sadness of her own. With her heart the size of a six-cylinder engine, it was perhaps even more difficult for her to keep from feeling such an emotion when she thought of the state of the world and of her own aspirations.

"A car like me can't be a psychologist," Rhoda would say while churning cream to silk-smooth, sweet perfection. "It never happens. I mean, have you ever heard of a dairy-churner going to college like humans? Humans can pick up any kind of functions they want, whereas automobiles are often good at one thing. It doesn't mean that don't I dream of the day where my knowledge in psychology doesn't come second to my ice cream."

While it saddened her that she didn't feel like she wasn't fulfilling her own desires, she always perked up whenever she helped out a customer with a problem, or simply treated them to the special flavor of the day.

Regardless of whether or not she's qualified, this writer thinks that she's a bona fide expert at giving advice while serving a swirl with a smile. She might not be a counselor, but you can rest assured that she'll help you in one way or another!


  1. Yep, that's weird! :)

    i do feel for Rhoda. She's such a giver -- but when will someone give back?


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