Word Count Wednesday - 8 February 2017

Things I worked on this week:

Narrative project: 2,278 words and counting sitting at 1k+ words (will get an exact count when I get back home)

What am I working on?

Right now I am trying to work on my narrative project that's due on Monday. Nothing else writing-wise that I want to take note of this week.

How do I feel about the process?

During class time today, I've had the privilege to experience something I've rarely — if ever — had in my whole experience with writing: a peer support group, of sorts, with writing.

Before this class, I've had to rely on only myself when it comes to editing, and that comes with a lot of setbacks. Because I'm the only one who ever really sees the work before it is introduced into the world, I lack the ability to know if I'm not being clear, or if the pace is dragging, or if the reader is going to grow bored. Because of this, I've had to artificially attain "fresh eyes" by giving myself some space to the point where I almost forget what I've written before I do any real editing. It's still not as good as the real, genuine thing of having people completely new to the plot getting a read on my rough draft.

Plus, I love it when it's the other way around. Seeing a project that's still in the works before it is set off into the world is amazing!

As you can already probably tell, there aren't many people in my life that are too keen on writing or reading creative works.

What am I reading?

The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

Great Minds by Shantea Gauthier

On Writing by Stephen King

That Grim Reaper story I keep alluding to that I've written and completed in the past (because of that "fresh eyes" thing I mentioned earlier). Wow, that thing, while interesting, is filled with plot holes. Definitely going to rewrite the whole thing once I'm done with other projects. Don't want to bog myself down by adding even more to all the things I'm already trying to work on.

All these wonderful blogs of my classmates. Some even have posts that helped inspire me and helped me with my own projects.

And my physics textbook, but that's not for my own enjoyment and enrichment, haha.


  1. Jodee, I am so glad that the peer review / support group is working for you. My writing improved vastly once I found my creative tribe.

    We're looking forward to seeing what House Wishword produces!


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