Word Count Wednesday - 2 February 2017

Things I worked on this week:
  • Grim Reaper myth-retelling sequel: 15,000+ words (about 200 words written since last week, pretty sad about that number)
  • The "Sülkoras" project: 1,162 words unknown, to be updated after I get back home (I'm using the library computers as I make this post)
  • Submission to the Moorpark Review: 694 words

I have no word-count goal, since I might get obsessive over it and that's not a good place to be when I've got physics tests and homework to worry about.

What am I working on?

I am currently working on my actual "manuscript" of my first draft of the first chapter of the novel that is set in the Island of Sülkoras. While my little experiment helped me to get a bit of a start on how I want the story told, and which character I'd like to follow, it's definitely not in the form that I want to turn in for the following week when it's "drafting day" in the Creative Writing class, hence why I dubbed it a "prototype" of a chapter instead of being an actual chapter.

Currently having a bit of writer's block when it comes to the sequel of my "retelling of the Grim Reaper" myth thing that I've mentioned in my last Word Count Wednesday. Which is fine, since I've encountered writer's block before when it comes to that... thing. It was never well thought out to begin with and was mainly meant to amuse me when I'm bored.

Because of that writer's block, I typed a little scene for something completely unrelated for the time being (a little over 1000 words) and it sparked a little device idea for my plot for that Sülkoras story that's been eluding me for a while. Gotta love when that happens, because it rarely ever works for me that way.

I'm also super excited to say that I've made my submission to the Moorpark Review! Here's to hoping I get some kind of response, even if it's a "no." Preferrably with some kind of constructive criticism that I could work with. Wow, is it getting a bit warm in here, or is it just me?

Also constantly trying to jot out poems and hoping one of them is decent enough for me to post later. I love poetry, don't get me wrong. I just hate every single one that I make.

How do I feel about the process?

Writer's block is frustrating, and I'm fortunate that it's only affecting one of my projects instead of all of them. It took me a bit to acknowledge that it was happening, but I'm admitting defeat and letting myself have some breathing room for my myth-retelling. Sometimes I let myself get burnt out on a project because I would obsess over the plot and scenes throughout every waking moment (and sometimes in my sleep). It gives the illusion that I'm a productive and prolific writer; but if you factor in the amount of time that I spend just trying to recuperate, then it just averages out. A bit of a bad habit of mine, actually.

In a forty-eight hour period one time last summer, I spent a little over thirty of them just writing. Nonstop. The other eighteen hours was also filled with trying to write, since I did it when I was eating and using the restroom. (I know. Eww. But I'm trying to convey how bad it was, okay?) I think sleep was also added in there somewhere, somehow.

Over ten-thousand words in a forty-eight hour period. Afterward, about two weeks of nothing. I have this small fear that if I don't take advantage of every little drop of inspiration and drive to create, then when it comes time for me to take a step back and breathe, I might lose all of it or not get a chance to have inspiration like that again.

I've gotten better over the winter, and I've since kept a separate notebook that I keep with me every single moment filled with writing ideas and scenes in shorthand that I jot in to overcome that strange phobia of mine. (Thanks for the lovely Christmas present, little sister.) I don't get burnt out as often now, and in good time too, since having myself dried up from inspiration and drive to write while in a Creative Writing class? Big no-no.

Still, I love the whole process of writing, writer's block and all. My mother always did say that I like a bit of a challenge. While I hate the challenge itself, how it feels coming through to the other side is a feeling that I pretty much live for. As long as I finish something, I'm content. (Though being happy with the quality of it is a different story entirely.)

As for the attempts at writing poetry, I feel like a stumbling toddler when it comes to trying to write something worthwhile to share. For every "finished" one that I make, there are about seven scrapped ones that barely make it past the first few lines or stanzas. Or if they get past that, I end up deleting them because what I end up making made no sense to me.

Though I should probably stop trying to write poetry at three in the morning. Just a thought.

What am I reading now?

The assigned reading from Stephen King's On Writing, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. I can't help but compare his memoir with my own experiences that molded me and my own writing.

I haven't made much progress into Les Misérables this week, but I did make some headway into a novel a former classmate of mine had published not too long ago. It's called Great Minds by Shantea Gauthier, and it's a self-published sci-fi dystopian novel that's set in a world where water is extremely scarce. Like super scarce that it's illegal to drink it, so you have to have it injected directly into your system. I believe you can find a copy of your own on Amazon. (And Shantea, wherever you are, you're welcome for the free advertising, hahaha.)


  1. As usual, I love your ambitious nature!

    What type of story are you submitting to the Moorpark Review?

    i find that I stave off writer's block by using one of your strategies: I have a few projects going on... I might be focused on one for weeks, maybe months, but if things grind to a halt, I'm usually able to switch to Project B for a while.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what choices you make with your first chapter!


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