J'ai fait un pet...

The world is exactly the same except your hair turns highlighter pink when you hear a fart.

...or what was supposed to be experiment number 6 but like my submission to the Review, it's now lost to me in cyberspace and there is no way for me to retrieve it.

So instead, my dear readers, you get an unplanned rant.

I had been waiting for the good part of a month for the day that I get news for my submission to the Moorpark Review. I lost even a little sleep over it because it's the first time I had ever had editors of any kind having their eyes on something I've written.

The day had finally come! A classmate from the Review announced that people would be recieveing emails whether or not their submission got in! Joyous day!

But guess what happened?

I didn't remember which email I used to create my account.

No matter, I'll figure it out.

In the chance that it didn't get in, I wanted to publish my submission on my blog for my own posterity. So I decided to log in to SuRePub and grab that copy I submitted since it was the final, polished version that I had (since prior to this the file got corrupted on my computer) and I was super glad that I am able to log in and view that copy at any time.

But then I couldn't remember my password.

Ah, no matter. They have a "forgot password" link. No biggie.

I knew my username, so it wasn't terrible.

It told me that it sent a new password to my email.

Oh good! Two birds in one stone: I get my document, and I figure out what email I used to create my account.

And then... an hour passed. Two hours. Checked every corner of every single freaking email that I own. Three hours. Nothing.

Then I suddenly rememebered my password! Yes!

Then... I figured out that it won't take it. Because it changed it and sent the new password to some email I'm beginning to doubt that I entered in correctly.

Oh well, might as well work on experiment 6.

Or so I thought.

I finished it. I published it. It turned up on my feed saying there's a new post on my blog. But blogger completely LOST my work. Ugh.

So I'm throwing my hands in the air and saying, "I give up!"

It feels as if the universe doesn't want me to publish anything. I'm not supersitious or anything, but I think this is probably an omen saying that I need to take it easy because this whole hoopla is getting my blood pressure rising, and I don't like that feeling.


  1. Ugh indeed!

    Am I to understand that whatever you sent to the Review is lost in cyberspace and not on any file of your own? If so, that truly sucks. I hate it when I lose any of my writing!


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