Word Count Wednesday - 22 March 2017

Spring break has ended. School has started up again. Man, I really missed typing out Word Count Wednesday on the really "click-clacky" keyboards of the campus computers last week. I had to make do with my really silent Mac keyboard at home, and it just wasn't the same.

Things I worked on last week:

I tried my hand on the adventure plot, and, thanks to some prior inspiration from a fellow classmate (thanks Michael), got a bit of something going with this new character I've created to fit an adventure plot. After reading the Master Plots book, Alir is more of a person who would be more "quest-y" than "adventure-y." But given the idea that the story should have something to do about the sea, Alaellyn materialized into existence, practically begging me to tell her story.

Yeah, sometimes characters just waltz up into my thinking train and talk to me. Insanity? Perhaps, but it's only worrying if it's hindering my day-to-day functions, right?

I'm also working on editing my first narrative with the suggestions I got, and I've also started on chapter two.

What am I working on?

This week, I hope to get more done with my adventure plot (I've come to really like Alaellyn, whoops). I'm also still working on chapter two of my "quest" narrative I presented in class. Hopefully it'll be able to clear the air about Alir and his desires to go to a place no one wants to set foot in. Hopefully I'll be able to make it work.

I'm also trying to work on the next chapter of my little "fan series" that somehow developed a following I didn't intend. Did I say little? Actually, it's huge (at least in my perspective), approaching a total of over 200k words. And all of that is me just writing for the sake of writing and not wanting to create characters of my own because I was lazy.

How do I feel about the process?

The spring break was really needed, because now I'm feeling refreshed and ready to write a whole lot again. Look out, world, Jodee's going to bog you down with her long-winded superfluous typing extravaganza.

I'm feeling a bit worried, though, since for some reason during the spring break, I've been unable to hand-write anything legible. It comes and it goes, and it's happened before, so I'm not too anxious about it, though it is annoying. Thank goodness for the language I created, since it needs very simple hand movements to be written and doesn't need the concise loops found in writing English. Fortunately, playing the piano and typing doesn't seem to be hindered. I'm thinking it has to do with my weird kind of migraines I get that affect my five senses or something.

I am, however, feeling really paranoid about the tiny following I've gotten over the completely-not-intended-for-anyone-but-me fan fiction that I've picked up again. Now that these people have made their presence known and their desire for me to put out more and more, I'm a bit more concerned about the day when I lose the balance between the enjoyment of the story and the want to continue to entertain my audience. Sure, I could just ignore them and just drop it without considering them, but I've been on the other end of that exchange countless times in the past. Fortunately, that day has not come yet and it doesn't seem to want to end anytime soon.

As for what I'm working on for my Creative Writing class, I've come to appreciate the ways that characters "approach" me when I want to write a story. Alir was the kind of person who would ask me, "Can I have a moment of your time? I think this might interest you."

Alaellyn, on the other hand, seems more like, "Wow, do I have a story to tell you."

It made me realize that I built their personalities around how they would ask me to write their journeys, and I think it's come off that way in what their story formed around. They both have grown up and lived on the island of Sülkoras, both are educated at around the same level, both are (at least I hope to portray this correctly) self-made successes. Heck, Alaellyn is even an ancestor of Alir. (At least that's what I like to imagine. No telling if that might get hinted at in either of their stories.)

But that little thought experiment where I imagined them approaching me one day to write their biography or something, I guess I really like how it helps me in my "pantser" ways. It tells me a lot about how they would react to whatever situation I've decided to place them in. It also helped me decide that Alir's story was going to be told in first person (because he seems more thought-oriented) and that Alaellyn's story was going to be told in third person (because she seems more action-oriented).

It's amusing to me to know that, for quite some time, I've had this little inkling of an idea about a world the island of Sülkoras exists in and during this semester I've actually made attempts to develop it even further. After that was done, I struggled with, "Okay, you've got the place, Jodee. Now what story do you want to tell?"

Out of all the people I've imagined living there. Out of all the possible stories that I've followed in my head of the people that live there. (One time I followed a baker and his route to make deliveries around one of the towns for a good two hours of boredom while in Physics class.) Out of every moment in history that I've made of the island, for some reason these two characters "approached" me. Sure, others have, too, but they've hinged upon the actions of Alir and Alaellyn first and foremost. (Even one of the royalty of the island "approached" me, but even then it redirected back to Alir.)

I'm just hoping these two are able to carry the weights of their plots throughout every scenario I'm throwing at them. Because if they aren't, well... they're just going back into my file cabinet, never to be revisited until many years from now.

Hopefully you guys don't think me insane with how my thought process works, hahaha.

What am I reading?

I finally finished The Dream Giver with my youth group. Man, I love the feeling of satisfaction once you've finished a book.

Other things I've been doing:

Since my other main hobby is playing the piano, I've been working on trying to perfect Chopin's Nocturne in C# Minor for the longest time. Oh, if only I had longer fingers. I'm considering posting a performance on this blog as a birthday present to everyone (and myself, since I've rarely heard myself play before).

Also, side note to any classmates reading this: if you want to hear me play something for you after class, you can head over to the practice rooms over in the music building on campus and I'll gladly give you personal concert by yours truly :)


  1. I meant to ask you yesterday: How many other English classes have you taken? (And which ones -- if any -- have you taken at Moorpark?)

    1. I've taken two (or three, if you want to count this class as an English class), M02 (Into to College Writing) and M01A (English Composition). I took those the first two semesters of attending college, so it's been a while. And then there's the ones I took in highschool, which I've failed a couple times, but I made those up with summer school.


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