Word Count Wednesday - 29 March 2017

Things I worked on this week:

Chapter 2 of my fantasy novel: 1839 words

Long journal post thing that I decided to take off my blog: 3230 words

That post detailing my script for my attempt at an audio recording: 913 words

Chapter 6 of my super secret sequel (still in progress): 240 words

Total word count for my week of writing feverishly: 6222 words

What am I working on?

Naturally, I'm working on chapter 3 of my fantasy novel thing, so there's that. I'm also working on the next experiment for class, especially with one of the characters of my fantasy novel since (like his character) he ended up catching me by surprise at how much he's manipulating his way into the story. I think it's a good idea that I figure him out before I continue the plot with him, don't you think? I'm also going to try my hand at one of the forms of poetry detailed in the handout in class today.

It totally escaped my attention for a good few weeks, but I'm going to work on that short story that I ended up not submitting to the Review as a backup. I think now's a good time for me to continue now that I've got a bit more information about how, culturally, my parents feel about the Philippine myth of the manananggal.

Still working on that chapter 6 thing from the list up above. Baby steps. Baby steps.

And now that my love of writing has caught the attention of one of my church members, I've been tasked with writing a short story that is underwater-themed for the Sunday School children. So that's going to be put on my list of projects I'm going to work on this week (if I ever really get to any of them). Just to make things more complicated, I'm making my partner-in-crime create puppets for the characters in the children's story.

How do I feel about the process?

Enjoying it, as always. Except for the poetry part. I need to work on my poetry skills, and I'm despising every moment of it. I'm half-tempted to have my brother or sister write poetry for me and turning it in as my assignment, but that's "academically unacceptable" and "cheating" and "stealing" so... I'm not.

I'm really liking how much I was able to get done last week. Here's to hoping that I'll be able to accomplish the same this coming week.

Also, the fish story (it didn't have to be about fish, but that's what it ended up being) for the children is a huge change and a sigh of relief for me right now. Considering that it's only for the little children, I don't have to impress them with convoluted plot development and turn it in for an assignment. I don't have to venture out into unfamiliar territory to get a story together, doubting my skills as a writer over and over every single time I type out a word.

I know these kids. I know what they like. I know what impresses them (they're easily impressed). I know what satisfies them in a story. And the lesson that needs to be taught within the story is something that spouted out dozens of ideas in my head when I first heard the prompt. I guess this just proves to me that if I know the answer to the question, "Who is your ideal audience?" it makes things a million times easier.

I guess I need to learn that sometimes, simpler is better.

Though, earlier in the week, I injured my wrist. I guess I'm just going to see how that's going to affect my ability to type. I fortunately don't move my wrists much when typing, so I guess not very much. My piano-playing on the other hand... that cuts me deep in my soul.

When it comes to round two at wrangling that horrible vacuum cleaner, I'm going to bring my old karate sparring gloves. I'm not going easy on it this time.

What am I reading?

Umm... nothing this week, sadly. I used up all my reading time to write, and it's likely going to be the case this week. I also spent a good portion of it trying to get that recording I posted on Monday. Dang, if only I knew someone else who was willing to read my script. At least then it wouldn't feel like it ended up being a waste.

I read some news articles, at the very least. But then I stopped because the news tends to make me angry, so then I escape into my made-up world to forget about it. Time will tell if this is an acceptable way of dealing with my problems.

What else am I doing?

In the form of watching things, I guess I'm the weird one out. I don't find watching anything movie or television-show related able to catch my interest. Instead, I'm either playing my piano and getting frustrated (Chopin and his weird penchant to write 22 notes in one measure in his 6/4 time signature--I can't count that in my head, you monster!--freaking Debussy and his lack of logical structure, Mozart and his boring logical structure, Beethoven and his ability to compose the most stupidly complicated things whilst deaf, and don't get me started on whenever I'm requested to play Bach. No. Please, for the love of... just... no. I'd rather bang my head on the keys, thanks), wondering why I didn't decide to go the jazz or rock route but then realizing that my hands are just too tiny for any of that stuff anything piano-related so I just take what I have and roll with it; or sleeping; or doing boring things with Physics; or playing video games (which, I'll admit, eats up way too much of my time best spent being productive).

So yeah, in other words, my life is revolving around writing right now, and so there's nothing else interesting that's worth noting. I'm actually okay with that.


  1. I would be so proud of myself if in one week I wrote half as much as you do in a day! I enjoy reading your blogs - you're a great writer, Jodee! =)

    1. Thank you, Taunya! I'm glad you think so (despite how much I doubt it myself). Whenever I write this much I feel like I'm just talking to the air, but it means a lot to know you like my rambling, lol. :P

      (But seriously, thank you so much! :D)


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