Word Count Wednesday - 8 March 2017

Things I worked on this week:

A chapter of this... erm... "fan work" that I've written since the start of the summer last year (I'm embarrassed enough mentioning that I write things like this): 2000+ words

This really long journal entry that I considered not being a part of my word count, but it took me more time to write it than I'd care to admit so I'm adding that into my word count: 3000+ words

My "backup submission" for the Moorpark Review (which I ended up not submitting since I didn't finish it): 600+ words

Total word count from this week: 5600+ words

Oh, and I'm super disappointed that I don't remember my password or associated email with the SuRePub site for the Moorpark Review because I was hoping to post that thing I wrote to post on here should it have been rejected. (And I have no way to know if I even entered in my email right for that registration process for the account. Darn my luck.)

What am I working on?

I guess working on that... "fan fiction" thing counts, so I'm working on that right now. It helped me out of my writer's block, as much as it embarrasses me to admit, but whatever works, eh?

I'm also hoping to work on Experiments #6 and #7, but considering that starting tomorrow I'm going on a trip, I might not have enough time to write. Or I just might have too much time to write, since it's more of a "conference" type of setting than for actual leisure.

I'm also hoping to finish that short story I started on last week. I'm likely just going to publish it here on this blog at some point. It's about a girl who wants to hunt vampires but ends up with the task of hunting a "manananggal" instead. (A manananggal is the Philippine's equivalent to a vampire, but... different, which the main character is going to find out.)

How do I feel about the process?

Quite amazing, despite the huge dent in my sleeping schedule this week. While three hours of sleep on average sounds horrible, one needs to account that there were days I just slept for the recommended (I think it's recommended?) six hours of sleep for the night.

But then again, there are those nights where I just would forego sleep altogether. Ah well, I can function like this for a while (I'm having too much fun writing right now). That trip I mentioned earlier is definitely coming at the right moment for me since I can finally get back to sleeping rather normally. Well, as normal as someone who's habitually nocturnal could "sleep normally."

As for the fan fiction writing thing and my feelings regarding it, a big reason why I've gone back into it was that there was another writer on the site my account is on that told me (and I off-quote this so it's not as easily traced because I still hang my head in shame for being a fan fiction writer) "[Your series] actually inspired me to write these." And this was after me giving them praise for their writing talents because they were a magnificent writer.

Wow. Even more wow. This writer telling me this both honored me and humbled me. I don't know who this person is, or what their background is, or anything about them other than they're incredibly talented (even though the plot takes place in a copyrighted setting), and I actually took some notes on how they wrote to improve my own abilities.

And I guess this moment just encouraged me to continue my pursuits in writing, because at the very heart of what I ultimately want to do is to inspire, encourage, and also entertain the reader. To know that I've actually accomplished that for at least one person out there? Wow! (I say that a lot, but honestly I can't express this feeling in words, despite my tendency to be long-winded.)

In other words, that moment helped to crack that little cement block in my psyche that I like to call "Writer's block."

As for how I feel about my writing process this week (and I guess last week because it's overflowing into this week), I feel great! I've finally found the drive and energy to write like mad again, and there's no way I'm not going to take advantage of moments like these. And to add the little cherry on top of the banana-split sundae reminiscent of the time I went to the Santa Monica Pier for my 21st birthday (which I never got to finish because it was so magnificently full of ice-cream and toppings galore), the chapter my experiment #7 is on the "Adventure plot."

An enthusiasm I couldn't hope to contain in the middle of class today. Hey, at least I don't hide my excitement?

What am I reading now?

I really need to catch up on the On Writing book, and I can't wait to pore over the chapter assigned to me in 20 Master Plots and How to Write Them. I'm also still reading The Dream Giver with my church's college-aged youth group, and I feel like the chapter we just went over came at a pretty opportune time in my life since it was about pursuing your dream but staying careful to not neglect the other things that should come first in your life. Advice obviously directed toward young adults, but hey, better to learn that lesson earlier on, right?


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