Word Count Wednesday - 26 April 2017

Things I worked on last week:
  • Chapter 7 of that project: 1252 words (completed at 2962)
  • Chapter 8 of that same project: 3771 words (completed)
  • Fish story for the children: 408 words (completed at 797)
Total for this week: 5431 words

What am I working on this week?

I'm going to try to work on The Blighted Earth, but at the same time, I might not. It looks like the other project has taken much of the space in my head for inspiration, so I might as well not fight against it. So yeah, looks like I'm going to be working on chapter 9 at this point. Though, given that I don't have any other projects I want to work on (aside from that new idea that popped into my head for yet another fantasy-ish novel), my week is likely going to look like it's going to flip-flop between working on chapter 9 and The Blighted Earth. Now that I've been given some suggestions on how to move forward, hopefully that would be the case.

How do I feel about the process?

Despite how rocky non-school-life has been going for me lately (as I had predicted in March how my April will end up being), I'm pleasantly surprised to see that not only have I been able to keep up with writing, but surpass my expectations. (Take notes, Jodee, writing seems to be a good coping mechanism.)

I was also very pleased at how much the children enjoyed my fish story. I already knew they liked having stories read to them, but to know they got really invested in the little fish main character? It really warmed the cockles of my heart to see their endearing worry for when I got the fish to encounter Mr. Shark. So cute!

It's definitely a different experience for me, since I've pretty much known each and every one of these children since they were born and witnessed them grow up. I kinda see them as the copious number of first-cousins I have. (I have over 30 on my mother's side. My dad? Umm... since he grew up with 12 older siblings -- three are half-siblings, but still -- and he's the youngest... Yeah...) It felt wonderful to share the weird images I have in my head with them and have them enjoy it as much as I do.

But it also made me feel a bit sad. Never in my life have I ever shared a story I've written to my parents, even when I was as young as those children. Well, I tried but they seemed more interested in the fact that I got straight As in elementary school and middle school (and thus nudged me into being a doctor or something). I've tried with my siblings, too, but my brother isn't really into reading. My sister? Um... the less said, the better. Gah, I guess a part of the motivation as to why I've been writing a lot lately is kinda like some passive-aggressive way for me to say, "Don't care about my writing? Hah! I'll show you and write ALL THE THINGS! Muahahaha!"

Still, it's gotten me to pause a bit in the middle of the night as I write, making me constantly ask myself, "Why continue writing? It's not like anyone cares."

But then a scene keeps picking at my brain and then I just continue on as normal.

In all seriousness, I will admit that it's hard to pick right back up sometimes. It gets tiring. But at least I know the kids like my writing.

--Yeah right, like that means anything to someone wanting to write for older audiences.
--You know what? No one asked you. So shut up.

What am I reading?

I guess I'm on a roll on learning to manage my time better, since I've been able to split my attention between two books. Les Mis has finally found its space again next to my pillow (because reading helps me to fall asleep, okay?) I will admit that I had to start again from the beginning instead of where I left off when I began it close to the start of the semester, due to forgetting a lot of what happened beforehand.

Super glad I took those years of French throughout high school (and a bit of college). I'm pretty sure if I hadn't, a lot of the phrases would've escaped my understanding.

And then I'm also continuing to read along in The Magician's Nephew with that online group. Fun stuff. Very fun stuff.

What else am I doing?

I tried to find some series or something that interests me over the weekend. Keyword: tried. I must lack some kind of gene that makes me interested in television. Can you believe that I asked my parents to remove the television in my room when I was fourteen? "Because I don't use it, and I could use the space for other things." (A.K.A. more mess in my messy bedroom) Don't get me wrong, I was a normal kid growing up being obsessed with watching the colorful pictures burning their images into my retinas; but once puberty hit it's like the interest just... poof.

So when that didn't work out, I just went back to writing. Or playing my piano. Though I did finally learn how to fry lumpia (Filipino egg rolls) without getting first- and second-degree burns (thanks dad for the help). Adulting skill acquired: pan-frying.


  1. I love the Chronicles of Narnia! C. S. Lewis is the best!


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