Word Count Wednesday - 12 April 2017

Things I worked on since last week:
  • Interactive story experiment (Ascend the Tower): 1174 words
  • The Blighted Earth: 1020 words
  • Chapter 6 of that other thing: 577 words (currently at 1614 words)
  • "Manananggal, or Hunting a Philippine Vampire in America:" 2061 words (I got carried away)
Total word count: 4832 words

I think I went a bit crazy over the week.

What am I working on?

Pretty much the same list as above, considering that none of them are completed. The screenplay one, concept-wise, is finished... but I'm still tinkering with it every once in a while. I guess I'll add in that fish story for the children for what I'm going to be working on this week as well. It's due in like a week, after all.

How do I feel about the process?

Really excited and happy, since the two projects that aren't novel-related that I worked on last week reminded me of the things I did because I was bored: write screenplays and write interactive stories. It revitalized this writing frenzy that made me write even more in my other projects since I would jump around from one to another when I got a little bored or stuck in one of them. Each project is so vastly different from each other that my brain was always entertained. It gave me the illusion that I was being productive.

I might not actually have been productive, but it was fun nonetheless. Most of the time when I have all these projects I want to work on all at once, I get intimidated and quit on a few of them to make it more manageable. While the word counts on the novels that I'm trying to write aren't the goals I intended for myself, at least the other projects were nice "distractions."

I'm really thankful for all the time I have this semester. I couldn't possibly be able to write anything substantial next semester since I'm taking up a full load of classes. Again.

The closer I get to the end of this semester, the closer the end of the fun of attending this Creative Writing class. Can I just be in this class forever?

What am I reading?

My physics textbook. I'll try not to cry as I read about light interference and diffraction, since it's so moving and motivating me to read even more about it. Thin films and slits and gratings? Wonderful!

Hah, just kidding. I'm crying because I hate it. If anything, it's grating on my nerves and the only slit I want to study the behavior of is the one I want to make right across my jugular. I have nothing against the teacher or the people or anything... I just really, really hate the subject. Can I go back to chemistry or astronomy, please?

I have a love/hate for this semester. I don't want it to end because of Creative Writing, but I so desperately want it to just keel over and die because of physics. Decisions, decisions.

What else am I doing?

I'm taking up piano lessons again, but not in the classical teachings, no. While that in itself takes years of discipline and study (years that I spent, with nothing much to show for), I'm going the... non-traditional route.

In other words, I'm learning how to play the more modern styles. While technique and music theory involved with the popular music of today isn't as complicated as the romantic era of classical music (I'm look at you, Debussy), it's posing a challenge that I'm finding that I really enjoy. I'm learning how to enjoy the simpler things in my performance.

In other words... I suck. But I love it because it's bringing me back to the days I first started playing the piano, when everything was new and difficult and that the end goals felt attainable. I mean, at the age of twelve, I wanted to master all three movements of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" after learning the first one. I expected to have this accomplished by the age of eighteen.

Six years to master it? Sure! Sounds reasonable. I knew the third and final movement of the sonata would pose the ultimate test of my piano capabilities, one that I was confident that I would pass. I mean, if I can read the sheet music, that means I could play it at some point, right?

First page, first impressions. Looks doable, doesn't it?

Beethoven, WHY?! I thought you were supposed to be deaf!

(I chose this video to make me feel a little bit better about not being able to play since I hear a few mistakes in the performance here and there, but still... why!?)

I am now twenty-two. I still can't. Oh, the naïve nature of children. How wonderful it would be to be a child again. This piece is a constant reminder of everything I can't do on the piano. Look at the stretch of this man's hands. The bias on having long fingers is real when it comes to classical piano.

My sister likes to hold my hands and tell me, "Oooh, they're so cute! So tiny. So delicate."

Thanks, sis. Thanks for telling that to a classical pianist.

But this new opportunity to break away from classical piano? That feeling of newness and excitement is the closest I can get to what I had when I was eight. At least this time, I don't have to learn my scales and chords. It's all technique from here on out.


  1. Impressive word count this week! And congrats on your return to piano studies. :)


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