Word Count Wednesday - 5 April 2017

Things I worked on this week:

Only two and I'm so behind on my word count goal for Camp NaNoWriMo. Really need to catch up on it.

Camp NaNoWriMo project (The Blighted Earth): 2474 words (it should have been at least 4000 by now)

Chapter 6 of that other project: 797 words

Manananggal story: 635ish words

Total word count for the week: 3906 words

What am I working on?

Same things as I have last week, though my fantasy novel thing ended up being my Camp NaNo project, so it's likely going to be taking more of my attention for the coming days again. As for other projects, I'm likely going to just hop between those as I run into writer's block. Or whatever blog post I feel like typing out because that's usually my go-to writing style when I lack the words for a story.

How do I feel about the process?

I find that it's a lot more fun to write when you have other people who will suffer with you, which Camp NaNoWriMo had turned out to be for me.

Also pretty amused at the fact that I said in my Word Count Wednesday for last week that it was only natural to write chapter 3 of my novel length thing, but it ended up not being like that. I ended up writing chapters that didn't fit that sequence because I was trying to grasp for words... and ended up spending a good amount of time writing scenes around the middle and end of the plot. Whoops.

I'm a bit intimidated, however, by what Stephen King said about how many words he writes in a day. Ten-thousand words!? It took me a span of writing two days straight being locked in my room doing nothing but writing and leaving only to eat and use the restroom to get that many words out. I barely got decent sleep during that time, too. I mean, just writing a thousand words out takes me a few hours.

So, with that in mind, I still enjoy writing, but man does Camp NaNo remind me that my meager goal of writing 30k words by the end of the month could easily be finished in three days if I were as prolific as Stephen King.

What am I reading?

The project that Sarah Covault is working on for Camp NaNo, which is her Mary, Queen of Scottsville Academy. I'm really liking it so far!

And shameless self plug: If you guys are interested, there are totally spots available for "The Scrappy Scribblers" Cabin for Camp NaNo. Just head over to the Camp NaNoWriMo website and sign up, then leave me a comment on either this post or this one that I wrote detailing a bit more of what it is with your username.


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