Character Outline Development Thing - Mr. Mortimer

A character I'm thinking of being the central one in the weird idea for another novel I want to try my hand on working on. I'm likely not going to use a lot of this information, or I'm going to end up changing a lot of the minor details of his backstory as I actually get into writing the plot.

(I'm posting this here to prevent losing it for my portfolio later)

Full name: Preston William Mortimer
Alias: Mr. Mortimer, "The Grim Reaper"
Age: A few decades after 100, he thinks
Date of birth: Wintertime, a while ago
Current location: Hestworth (fantasy place inspired by American Wild West)
Gender: Male
Can they write well?: Yes
Can they read well?: Yes
Average, high, or poor intellect: Average
Biological, adoptive, or other parental units: Biological
Names and ages: William Preston Mortimer (deceased at 700 something), Elizabeth Mortimer (deceased at 700 something)
Number of siblings: None
Other family members of note: Uncle (father's side)
Names and ages: Uncle - Emmett Mortimer (at least 700)
Still live with family member: No
Place of birth: Hestworth - New Elmfield
Broken the law: Yes
If so, what?: Stealing, when was a child
Education level: Trade school
Grades: Average
Major: Clockmaker
Special training: Nothing special, just fixing clocks
Current associations (guild, club, team): New Elmfield's neighborhood watch
Economic situation: Struggling
Economic class: Middle class
How much wealth: Just enough to get by
Debts: None
Income: Barely enough to get by
Current occupation: Clock making/repair
How job was received: Inherited from father
Length of employment: Since childhood
Current criminal record: None
Marital status: Unmarried
Boyfriend/girlfriend: None
Crush/romantic interest: Janice Caldwell - secretary at town hall
Children: None
Personality type: (need to do some research first)
Good at interacting in social situations: Decent, but tends to be a loner
Good with people: Okay with people
Favorite things: Good food, music, quiet time
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite drink: Coffee with a bit of cream and two spoons of sugar
Favorite animal: that one lark that made a home of the elm tree outside of his home that sings in the morning
Favorite music genre: Hestworth's equivalent to classical music (reminds him of his father and mother)
Motto to live by: Don't give up. Retreat, perhaps, but don't do it completely.
Special talents: Knows how to play the flute, but hasn't played in a while
Hobbies: Reading
Easily bored?: No
Known quirks: Pulls at the threads of his shirt when nervous
Quiet or loud: Quiet
Special mementos: Mother's pocket watch (given as a symbol of proposal to her by his father)
Worst experiences: Workshop broken into and looted
Fears: The dark, dying, heights, the thought of Janice Caldwell rejecting him
Role in group (leader, rebel, outcast, follower): Follower
In group, would contribute: Advice when he can, going along with the group's plans otherwise
Good at cooperating?: Yes
Kind of thinker (optimist, realist, idealist): Realist
Annoys character: The tax collector and his cat, the mailman getting his mail sent to the wrong Mr. Mortimer (and getting the other Mortimer's mail, which consists of... ahem, strange things)
Reaction when annoyed: Goes silent, seething internally
Reaction when angry: Same as when he's annoyed, though thoughts of getting back at whatever angered him likely are included
Easily angered (yes/no): No
Sad often (yes/no): Yes
Reaction when sad: Same as when he's annoyed, though he just gets really quiet. (Because of this, people in the town don't know how Mr. Mortimer's feeling.)
Strengths: Repairing clocks, being dependable
Weaknesses: People skills, cowardice, lack of conviction in things
Immediate goals:
Long-term goals:
Self-serving/self-sacrificing: He goes both ways at times
Dreamer/realist: Realist
Personality flaws: Too complacent and accepting of events, tends to be more of a doormat
How reliable is memory: Pretty reliable, though prone to "false memories" like everyone else
Earliest memory: When his family traveled to Elmfeld by train (his first ride in one) when he was 5
Fondest memory: Same as earliest memory. Trains man; they're cool to him.
Most embarrassing memory: When he broke the big hand on Ol' Bessie (clocktower) when trying to court Janice Caldwell
Biggest failure: (as of yet) preventing the demise of his parents
Biggest regret: (as of yet) same biggest failure
Greatest achievement: Father deeming him ready to continue the family business
Self-confident/self-depreciating: self-depreciating
Triggers to past traumas: Fighting with Uncle Emmett
Trauma was: Watching parents killed by "that horse witch"
Method to calm down: Play with pocket watch, walk through the town, take a looooong train ride (if it's really bad)
Sense of humor: He has one, just not one to crack the jokes
Good at keeping secrets (yes/no): Yes
Prone to gossip (yes/no): To Dr. Atwater, yes, at times; no with absolutely everyone else
Messy/Neat handwriting: Neat
In social group, dominate/submissive: Submissive
Bullied or teased (past): No
Bullied or teased (current): Yes (light teasing)
By whom: Nurses in Dr. Atwater's hospital
Relationship with parents: Good when they were alive
Issues with parents: None
Lots of friends (yes/no): No
Lots of romantic partners (yes/no): No
Family reputation: Relatively liked, save for his uncle
Religion: Common to others in Hestworth; anti-"horse mysticism"
Personal moral code: Do not involve self in other's business or else you might screw things up
Family political affiliation: Supportive to government
Family political importance: Not very
Political affiliation: Supportive to government
Political importance: (as of start of story) Not very
Reputation among family: The good apple
Among friends: A bit of a loner, but he's alright
Among society: He's a good clockmaker/repairer; a bit of a recluse but we'd count on him to be a good citizen
Social status: Average
Active in community: Somewhat
How so: Helps out in the town hall for census-taking
Bad childhood memories: The first time he joined his father to repair Ol' Bessie and nearly fell to his death
Manias (obsessions): Worries over the workshop constantly
Inept at: Socializing, remembering dates and years (a common problem for a race that has the ability to live forever)
Taboos: Normal taboos as most people, though a unique one to him is that it's taboo for him to try to repair his mother's pocket watch
Secrets: A little bit worried that his uncle's way of life is the way is actually the correct way
Enemies: His uncle, the "manhorse monsters," himself (later on in the story)
Rivals: His uncle, the town's deputy
Health issues: Nothing in particular
Sound mind: Relatively
Mental health concerns: Prone to bouts of paranoia and melancholic thinking, but within reason
Skin color: Pale (he's inside an un-normal amount of time compared to everyone else)
Height: Average
Long legs/arms: No, he's proportional
Right/left handed: Right
Slim, muscular, curvy: Slim
Small/medium/large frame: Small
Overall body shape: A bit on the skinny side
Muscular: Nope
Face shape: Oval
Low/average/high forehead: Average
Distinguishing features: A scar along his neck from childhood
Skin type: Dry and freckled (is that's what it's asking for?)
Flat/curved/arched eyebrows: Flat (if his face is relaxed, he looks a bit upset)
Long/average/short eyelashes: Average
Eye color: Grey (which indicates that his ancestors from long long ago were not royalty in the "fairy courts")
Nose shape: Long and narrow and pointed
Lip sizes: Both thin
Teeth size: Average
Hand size: Average size, but slender fingers
Finger length: Long
Missing appendages: Nope
Look older/younger: Looks like he's in his late 20s (like everyone else)
Attractive: Nah
Ugly: Nah
Healthy and good shape: No, he looks malnourished (but he isn't)
Most predominate feature: His nose
Current weight: Average
Clothing measurements: They fit
Shoe size: Proportional to his body
Natural stance/posture: Slight slouch in his back due to being hunched over a workbench for a good portion of the day
Speaking gestures: He's stiff, but moves his shoulders a bit if he's emphasizing something
Expressive when speaking: A little
Hair length: Short
Hair color: Black
Thick/thin/average: Average
Hair style: Combed back, out of the way of his face
Facial hair: Stubble (he doesn't shave as often as he should)
Body hair: Has it, but not as thick as some of the other men in the town
Accent: Eastern Hestworth (they speak in a way where people think they're impatient or angry, or "too formal")
Regional/foreign: Family's origin is rather foreign to New Elmfeld, but he grew up there
Voice pitch: Definitely a tenor (but if he were to sing, there's some countertenor in him)
Quality of voice (breathy, croaky): Rumble-y, "speaks through the chest"
Distinctive voice: Not really?
Better senses: Sight, hearing
Worse senses: Smell, touch, taste
Natural smell: Body odor?
Damaged teeth: Nope
Vision (poor/good): Good
Fingernail length: Trimmed
Fingernail condition: Edges are roughed from his work
Noticeable hands: They are calloused
Tattoos: No


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