Monthly Showcase - April 2017

Totally forgot this was a thing on my blog. Whoops. Better late than never, right?

While the month of April has been a time where I've written the most in a short amount of time, there hasn't been a great number of actual posts I've made on this blog. Most of it were projects for either myself or for the children at church. But still, there was a good number of things I worked on in April.

The Blighted Earth - Chapter 3:
This one was more of a filler chapter, and considering that I'm more of a "gardener/pantser" writer, I completely forgot to think about the transition between having my characters in Gavallande to making their way to the land in the Blight. So yeah. Poof. This chapter came into existence. I know that at some point I will consider tweaking this chapter to feel a bit more exciting.

The Blighted Earth - Chapter 4:
Finally, finally got the characters into the setting where all the action will take place. And where a lot of the "magicalness" is going to occur. Hopefully from this chapter forward, I don't lose my grasp on the plot. Knowing me and how my other failed projects went, it's really easy for me to do if I'm not careful.

Manananggal, or Hunting a Filipino Vampire in America:
My attempt at writing a screenplay. It's been quite a while since I've done it, and wow, was it fun. The character names and personalities are based on people I know in my family. If you're Filipino like me, you'll know how generic the last names "Santos" and "Cruz" are. I mean, even if you're Hispanic, you'll know how ridiculously generic those last names are. The concept of the plot is inspired from all the folklore my parents would tell me of the monsters in the Philippines. Like their equivalence to a vampire (which is what the monster Amelia Cruz is trying to kill), or their version of werewolves and other shape-shifters. I never really liked those stories.

I did, however, draw closer to the tall tales of fairies pinching fruits to make them edible to people, or dwarfs and elves confusing you as you traversed the Philippine jungles and needed to wear your shirt inside-out and backwards to ward them away, or minotaurs throwing rocks on the roof of your house to keep you from getting a good night's sleep, or angels inhabiting every grain of rice, and weird and wild stuff like that. This is probably part of the reason why I prefer writing fantasy over supernatural stories. Though this screenplay was a bit fun for me to do.

Ascend the Tower (A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure):
I think enough is said in the post itself. I'm likely going to work on it over the summer as something to pass the time with, namely through small tweaks and short interactions. Other projects are taking priority right now.

A Tale from the Stars:
An attempt at writing terza rima, which was also a bit of an attempt at telling a short story though verse instead of prose. It was challenging, and I think a lot of the rhymes feel forced and cheesy. But I tried, at least.


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