Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Word Count Wednesday - 28 June 2017

Things I worked on last week:
  • Chapter 11: 575 words
  • A screenplay (to help me with writing a novel): 452 words
Total for this week: 1027 words

What am I working on?

As you can see, I didn't get to write 3k words in chapter 11. I had to delete most of it because it didn't flow well in the story. The word count if I had kept it would have been around 2.5k more, but I knew that 2.5k would have caused problems for me later on in the plot since it was self-contained and didn't move anything along or added any new kind of discovery for the characters. So I ended up nixing all of those troublesome scenes and started anew. Thank goodness for that Scrivener software, because I have multiple subplots that are going on and two of the subplots were fine. The others... not so much. All it needed was to choose the scenes that involved the development of this one character (that I was having issues with) and deleted only those ones. So yeah, I'm going to continue writing chapter 11.

Last night, however, without any real planning on my part, I ended up writing the screenplay of a novel idea I've been having. I tried writing it as a novel, but the action between dialogue was eluding me, so I decided to write it out as a screenplay for now. I'll fill in the novelizing bits and reformat it as normal prose later.

How do I feel about the process?

It hurt a lot to delete all those things I wrote for chapter 11. I'm generally okay to "kill my darlings" in my writing if someone or myself feels that something better could fit, but a whole 2.5k worth in a single chapter? Gah, so much writing is now never to be seen. But I've come to the acceptance that, while I like the ideas for how the scenes would play out... they were terrible ideas. I could practically feel the formation of plot holes as I was writing and I was struggling to envision the chapters that would come afterward. I thought it was writer's block. Nope, the idea was just not meant to be. I decided to go with what I feel to be a more fitting and interesting sequence of events, but still reaching the same goal I wanted for the characters.

What am I reading?

Still the same list as last week, but I've barely made any ground in any of them. I've been writing more than I've been reading (even though I've had to delete most of what I've wrote).

What else am I doing?

I've now been assigned to be the unofficial "videographer" for my online group for the team fights we've been having for this video game. (And here is where I let it all out and reveal just how much of a nerd I am, and exactly where I nerd out.) I've spend a few minutes editing simple videos for the group, and I'm finding that I enjoy it. Here's a sample of one of the fights we've done (this is also the same game I mentioned a few weeks ago where I "sniped" one of the enemy game streamers. I'm playing a different role this time):

Thankfully, the group doesn't care too much about editing anything fancy. Just put in the interesting bits. Sadly for this one video, I've had to put everything on its lowest settings because the computer was complaining (which also means no game audio).

And yes, I play Guild Wars 2. I'm a nerd. I'm pretty embarrassed about it, but hey, this is my blog. I get to share things I like and hope others do too. At some point I'm just going to have to be honest with myself and stop pretending I'm Miss Super Professional all the time because I'm absolutely not. I think this is a decent first step.

(Now... to tell my parents that they raised a nerdy girl, hahaha.)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Highlight of my day...

...told through a series of pictures. (Possible spoiler warning?)

Was writing, couldn't decide on a title for my document. Then this happened.

Coming up with good titles is one of the greatest weaknesses I have in writing. Thankfully, my friend was eager to help.

(And yes, I did fork over about $40+ for the Scrivener writing software. #noregrets)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Word Count Wednesday - 21 June 2017

Things I worked on last week:
  • Chapter 11: 1675words
  • A short little scene thing to help me out of writer's block: 1006 words
  • An experimental exercise to see how I wanted a future project to be written: 274 words
Word count for the week: 2955 words

What am I working on?

Since last week, I'm trying to focus on only one project since I got pretty overwhelmed with trying to plan out and write things while also attending a conference of sorts, so I'm going slower than normal. This week, I'm likely going to continue the pattern and try to get at least 3k more words into chapter 11 by either tonight or tomorrow night so I can relax for a few days. I'll likely have more of those few-hundred word scene things, but we'll see. It feels weird sharing my progress on these projects since they're anonymous creations and I get the feeling that some people might be thinking I'm pulling these numbers out of my butt.

How do I feel about the process?

It was a bit touch and go there last week since on top of trying to write I was also attenting a church conference/meeting thing over in Costa Mesa. Needless to say, the event took a lot out of me and I found myself with no energy to write when I finally was able to rest in my hotel room. I was out like a light by 10pm every night, which is absolutely uncharacteristic of me. (I tend to sleep at 3-5am most nights.)

As for the content of my writing, however, I've been feeling a bit self-conscious and doubting a lot of my capabilities with a lot of the scenes of my main project. Could I really write that kind of atmosphere? Am I allowed to write something like that in a PG-13 rated plot? If I don't write this right, and considering the events surrounding world news and everything, I could seriously trample a lot of toes if the wrong eyes see my writing. Should I just nix the whole chapter and redirect the rest of the plot?

Anyway, I've decided to just tell myself, "Screw that! Just write!"

So I've got decent headway into chapter 11. Only my own eyes have seen what's been written so far, and the readers are really upset that I've surpassed my deadline for when it will be published. Which is why I'm putting the pedal to the metal right now. I hate making people unhappy with me.

What am I reading?

Because of the church conference/meeting in Costa Mesa, I've now have a long list of books that I've been assigned to read. Oh gosh, so many, where should I start?

  • The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian
  • Smart Love by Dr. David Stoop and Dr. Jan Stoop
  • Primal Leadership by Goleman, Boyatzis, and McKee

I'm also reading bits and pieces of Sarah Covault's novel narrative from the Sprince 2017 semester and Les Mis on my own time. I'm also still reading along in The Magician's Nephew with my online group.

What else am I doing?

Meeting with friends that I graduated high school with that graduated from universities this year (What am I doing with my life? Why am I still in college?). I'm going to be teaching one of my friends how to crochet.

I'm also going to meet up with Shaundee and Sarah later on in the week, just 'cause.

I've faltered in practicing my piano, but in a really recent sit at the piano, I don't seem to have lost my progress in learning Fantasie Impromptu.

As for how the conference/meeting went last week, it went well. I surprised myself in how I was able to get up at 8am each day. I also loved that the hotel served complementary breakfast. It wasn't five-star dining at all, but man, those make-your-own waffles started each day off great.

I think I was the only weirdo out of all the hotel guests that ate her waffles without any utensils and without any syrup or toppings while wearing a business skirt and matching blazer. I'm really not ready for the adult life, hahaha.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Word Count Wednesday - 14 June 2017

At a conference. Too tired. Short word count today. Edit into longer post when not busy and have better wifi.

Word count: 1000ish

Currently: tired and busy

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Word Count Thursday - 8 June 2017

Nooooo, I completely forgot about writing this out yesterday, dang it. Ah well, I'll try not to make that into a habit.

Things I worked on this week:
  • Chapter 10 from last week: 2655 words (completed at 4709 words)
Total for this week: 2655 words

What am I working on?

I'm hoping to work on chapter 11 and other things but other things got in the way a little, and are going to continue until mid June.

How do I feel about the process?

Excited, since I completed another chapter, and I'm finally at the plot's climax. Or one of them since I guess it's going to be an epic-length plot. Now I just need to tie off the ends in an exciting way to lead to the resolution and then I can give myself a break. This plot is part 2 of a trilogy, and wow, this one is taking longer than the first one for me to complete. Then again, I started the first one last summer in July when I wasn't very busy and completed it just a few weeks into November. I remember those updates during the school year were really hard for me to get through. Still, 20 chapters and each of them being at an average of 5k words each?

It wasn't quality at all, but it was the first time I've ever completed anything I started, at least when it comes to a novel-length work. Its sequel, however, proves to take me longer to finish. I started in December of 2016. I'm only halfway finished. I think. But I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself since the purpose of even writing this is to "get all the bad work out of me so I know what not to do next time" according to my video production teacher in high school. The Creative Writing class from the spring semester helped me a lot in that regard, as well as helped me stay accountable in writing every week.

When I think about how much longer it's going to take me to complete the project, it's daunting. But I'm super glad I finished the first in the trilogy, despite how unrealistic it was for me to complete it in that span of time. I remember trying to meet personal deadline after another, trying to reach some finishing point that I didn't have much of an idea for since I'm not a plotter. But man, how well it was received by my little anonymous audience once it was finished was satisfying. For me to get there, it needed only one baby step at a time.

I've had to remind myself of that constantly lately since I expected to finish it when the semester ended. The key contributor for even finishing that first one was that I told myself I had to at least finish, and that's what I intend to do.

Though... I never intended it to evolve into a trilogy. I guess that part I could somewhat berate myself for.

What am I reading?

I haven't done a lot of reading. But I'm still in the process of reading the same stuff as last week.

What am I doing?

I'll share a bit of a narrative of the events:

This is where I show a bit of my nerdy/geeky/irresponsible side. I spent a good portion of yesterday and the day before playing this (competitive?) game I play. And it was glorious.

So, for some context, every week there's a rotation between teams of twelve, grouped up into three. These three are assigned colors: red, blue, and green; and are then forced to fight amongst each other. This week, my team color is green. My team leader was like, "Hey, let's go hit blue's side of the map. They're really close to us in points and we need to get ahead." Of course, with him being team leader we had to agree.

On the way there, we ran into the blue team. We fought them off and won. And then it happens again. And then again. We didn't think anything of it until a teammate said, "Hey, someone on blue's side is streaming their fight on Youtube." And then he linked it in our chat.

Of course, we had to watch. There was a two-minute delay so we were able to catch our last fight with them and two minutes is a huge difference competitively in the game, so it wasn't considered cheating that we were watching.

The fight wasn't even close. And then I overheard the blue team leader say, "Okay, we've been fighting green and we just keep losing. From this point on, we fight red. Remember, green's practice, red we fight." And, "We just keep losing and losing for the past few hours. This is really demoralizing."

At least both green and blue agree that red team this week is... really terrible. As for the blue team leader's last statement, I felt really horrible.

But I lightened up when I saw my character, dressed like a neon rainbow fairy queen with a weapon that looked like it came from a Hallmark Valentine's Day card, happened to "snipe" the person who was streaming the fights, someone who was dressed in all black and red complete with skulls and bones and chains. My teammates saw this and said, "It's like happiness hit him in the face so hard it killed him."

Definitely a highlight of how the past week went.