Word Count Wednesday - 12 July 2017

Things I worked on last week:
  • Chapter 12: 2418 words (finished at 4226 words)
  • Short scene thing for fun: 1194 words
  • Chapter 13: 994 words
Total for last week: 4606 words

What am I working on?

I guess I'm working on a lot of things. Those scene things are coming up more often lately, though I'm trying not to let it detract from my main project right now. Not included in the above word count is a lot of the planning of my next main project.

How do I feel about the process?

Still feeling meh from last week, but as it shows, my ability to write out words hasn't been affected, so that's a plus. I also posted a bit of The Blighted Earth on a different website, just for fun and to see if people might be interested. So far, nothing, but that's fine by me. Not really much extra work on my part. I think that posting it under a completely different anonymous identity that doesn't have the audience my other one has might have a part in it, but who knows. It's like starting new, but without being too secretive about it this time. Oh gosh, the terrible writing associated with my first anonymous "writing persona." None shall ever know it's me. Never.

Or maybe people will find out. People are good detectives on the internet if they want to be, after all. (If that happens: I swear! All of it was because I was an angsty teenager! I'm not like that now, I promise!)

What am I reading?

Still the same books as last week.

What else am I doing?

Trying to find a part-time job that fits into my upcoming school schedule. I'm not hopeful about that, to be honest.


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