at night it claws cold fingers
into the beat of my chest
whispers soothing poison
burning in dying veins

ghosts of shameful secrets
waltz to the beat of music
lingering wait to prey
a soul of sorrow yearning

torrent of chaos confounding
a mind lost in dissonance
darkened and passing
fading to the void

at night shameful secrets
whisper beats in my chest
darkened in dying veins
a soul fading

ghosts claw cold fingers
passing poison preying
burning and lingering
a lost mind waltzing

at night my shameful secrets
whisper in my dying sorrow
mindful of it preying
coldness into my soul

at night sorrow whispers
shame and chaos
losing my poisoned mind
and my darkened heart
to the void

I'm not really much into writing poetry, but I was in a bit of a mood and decided to just jot down words and phrases that popped into my head that resonated with me in some way, mix it all together, and then call it done. While going into this in a not-serious attitude and experiment and tinker around, I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this one.


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