About Jodee

Greetings! My name is Jodee Ann Conui, though feel free to call me Jodee for short. Welcome to my blog!

In a nutshell:

Early twenties, California born and raised, aspiring author, lover of music and astronomy.

For those who have more time:

I am in my twenties, the eldest of three children. I was born and raised in California, though my heritage is mainly from Southeast Asia, namely the Philippines. For the longest time, I've wanted to be an author, but I've strayed from that desire as a child since I was advised that I won't be able to pursue such a dream without being broke in the end (because who really needs another starry-eyed writer, right?), and considering that I've failed two semesters of English in high school, I completely threw that idea out the window.

However, it is only recently where that little hole inside of me needed acknowledgement, and I've come to terms with the fact that, even if I might not succeed, I will not allow myself the regret of never pursuing that dream I've always had. So... here I am. I know my writing isn't great, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to improve and hone my abilities. But I'm pursing a different major in the meantime. Just in case.

While writing is what I like to consider my first love, I'd like to consider music to be a close second. If I'm not whiling away typing out a story for my own enjoyment or studying for classes (or wasting my time playing video games), you'd likely see me plinking the keys of one of my pianos: Gertrude, my electric keyboard; and River, my baby grand piano. Or one of the various instruments I only play in sarcasm: Hrothgar, the recorder; Pam, the flute; Red, the cello (named for the fact that my first reaction to seeing it was to say, "Wow, that is one red cello"); and Phyllis, the melodica. My father's guitar is also a part of that list, and while I don't really have the privilege of naming it outright, I like to call that Yamaha guitar "Morgan."

Oh, and I like astronomy. Yeah, I'm a stargazer, and I have the stiff neck from looking up all the time to prove it. It always saddens me to know that there are stars in the sky that I haven't seen yet due to light pollution. But it never stops me from trying to identify the constellations I know.

So keeping in mind that writing, music, and astronomy are among my three top interests; expect to see them pop up in posts on this blog every once in a while.