About the Blog

During the start of the Spring Semester in January 2017 for my Creative Writing course, the journey of having yet another blog had begun. (Yes, I have other blogs, but my identity on those is secret, muahaha.)

So far, the intention of this blog is to post the collection of works that has been assigned to me, as well as a few rants and reflections of those works. My professor has decided to call them "experiments," though I believe that this is a very apt term to call them since they are experiments in writing.

I've thought about opening a blog like this for a while, one where I establish a public identity in regards to my desires to become a published author. Well, what better time than when your teacher tells you to, am I right?

The title of this blog stems from the fact that, with a name like Jodee Ann Conui, I will get strange misspellings of my name quite often: Jodie, Jodi, Jody, etc.

But my favorites are definitely the... unique ones when I try to correct the misspellings with verbal instructions: Jodiee, Jodyee, Jodye, and—my all-time favorite—Jodeie. Points for creativity, but it's still an "F."